What Do Flashing Blue Lights Indicate?

Catching attention when you are on the road or in your vehicle means being highly visible. One great way to make this happen is through the use of blue emergency lights that flash. These dedicated LED emergency lights flash a distinct blue color that can be seen from a distance.


Let’s explore what these lights are and what message they send when you use them.

What Are Flashing Blue Lights?

Flashing blue lights, also often referred to as blue emergency lights, are lights that can be attached to or installed on a vehicle that will flash a blue color. These lights can be made with just a blue light that flashes on or off, or they may be used in combination with other colorful lights alongside the blue light.

What Do Blue Emergency Lights Indicate?

Chances are that anyone who is using flashing blue lights is sharing a message with you. These are some of the ways to interpret flashing blue lights when you see them on a vehicle.

A State of Emergency

Flashing lights are designed to catch attention and are often used to convey warnings regardless of the color they are. These lights are commonly considered to be emergency responder lights. When someone uses flashing lights, it is an indicator that something is going on—and this is often linked specifically to emergencies. Any time that you see flashing lights on a car in any color, it is important to take notice.

An Emergency Vehicle

Depending on your area, it is very possible that blue emergency lights are commonly used by emergency vehicles. These lights will call out attention and warn you that emergency vehicles are on the move. In fact, when you see these lights, it is best to keep your distance or pull over to the side of the road if they can be attributed to an emergency vehicle.

A Police Vehicle

Although blue emergency lights can often be used by emergency vehicles, they are most well-known for their presence on police cars. Police vehicles generally use blue flashing lights as a part of their siren and light combination for their cars.


Depending on where you are, the nature of these lights may be different. While some police cars may exclusively use lights that flash blue, others may use combination lights with blue as a centerpiece. The most common combinations are blue and red or blue, red, and white.

Other Uses

Blue emergency lights can serve different purposes, especially when used in unique circumstances. People may use flashing blue lights to mark a location, to highlight a vehicle, or even as a part of taking photographs. Since these lights are widely available, they are used for all kinds of creative purposes and can be used to share different messages too.

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