Z-Flash Switch & Hardwire Upgrade Kit


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Available now for compatible Z-Flash modules, the Z-Flash Switch and Hardwire Upgrade. If your Z-Flash has the 2x2 plug you can easily upgrade your Z-Flash to work with the switch and hardwire kit! This kit allows you to activate your Z-Flash using the switch or hardwire into a controller. Simply upgrade your Z-Flash to the latest firmware, reinstall into your OBD-II port, and install the switch or hardwire.

You must have a Z-Flash module with the 2x2 plug(Z-Flash OBD Chrysler & Z-Flash OBD Ford). Check the images below to see if your Z-Flash is compatible!


Z-Flash Module Difference


Z-Flash Switch and Hardwire Activation Chart

What's Included:

  • Z-Flash Switch
  • Z-Flash Hardwire Kit

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