Ford Authorized Service Neon Sign In Metal Can

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Explore our stunning neon signs in metal cans featuring vibrant, hand-blown neon tubing. Each sign boasts a captivating full-color background, enhancing its visual appeal whether illuminated or not. The Authorized Ford Service sign, measuring 3 feet across and weighing 80 lbs., showcases striking blue and white neon tubes encased in a robust commercial-grade black steel housing.

Upon delivery, your neon sign, securely suspended in a purpose-built wood crate, comes with unpacking instructions for effortless setup. Simply hang it up and plug it in – no assembly or special wiring needed. Additionally, our product lineup includes the standard 24-inch Authorized Ford Service neon sign and the Ford Genuine Parts neon clock, available for separate purchase.

Neonetics neon signs emanate a warm, mesmerizing glow, powered by industrial-strength transformers that operate silently and efficiently, surpassing incandescent bulbs. Designed exclusively for indoor use, these neon signs are the ultimate choice for collectors seeking the best and biggest neon artistry money can buy!

Officially licensed product

Tech Specs:

  • For Indoor Use Only
  • Dimensions: 36w x 36h x 6d

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