Feniex Storm Pro 200W Siren

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Discover the power of the Feniex Storm Pro 200-Watt Siren, renowned as one of the loudest sirens available. Engineered with a robust 200-watt output, the Storm Pro ensures effective traffic management and emergency response capabilities. Featuring a dual delay function delivering a commanding 130 decibels, this siren ensures clear and unmistakable alerts to surrounding vehicles.

Integrated with essential features including a horn ring, radio rebroadcast, park kill, PA function, and a selection of 19 tones, the Storm Pro is designed to meet diverse operational needs. Choose from twenty-three programmable tones, tailored for pursuit and emergency response vehicles. Its remote activation capability ensures universal compatibility, even with non-Feniex controllers, enhancing operational flexibility.

Enhance your vehicle's emergency response capabilities with the reliable and versatile Feniex Storm Pro 200-Watt Siren, ensuring effective communication and safety in critical situations.

30 Day Returns - 2 Year Warranty

What's in the Box:

  • (1) Feniex Storm Pro 200-Watt Siren
  • (1) Handheld microphone for PA function
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instructions

Mounting Options:

  • Included hardware for easy and discrete mounting

Tech Specs:

  • Powerful 200-watt output for superior sound projection
  • Dual delay function for clear alerts at 130 decibels
  • Integrated features: horn ring, radio rebroadcast, park kill, PA function
  • Selection of 19 tones with twenty-three programmable options
  • Designed for pursuit and emergency response vehicles
  • Remote activation for compatibility with various controllers
  • Includes microphone for PA functionality and push-button tone selection
  • Dimensions of amplifier: 6.96" L x 6.65" W x 2.5" H
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Universal compatibility with all existing controllers, switch panels, and 100-Watt speakers
  • 2 Year Warranty
Feniex Storm Pro 200W Siren Dimensions


Do I need a controller with the Storm Pro Siren?

For operation, the Storm Pro 200-Watt Siren requires a compatible controller or switch. Known for its universal compatibility, the Storm Pro seamlessly integrates with nearly any switch or controller system available.

How many speakers can I connect to the Feniex Storm Pro 200-Watt?

The Feniex Storm Pro 200-Watt is designed for use with two 100-Watt speakers.

What is dual delay?

Dual delay in the context of sirens involves two speakers emitting the same tone at staggered intervals. Activating Dual Delay causes these tones to play out of sync, creating an auditory delay effect. This feature simulates the presence of multiple approaching emergency vehicles, prompting other drivers to quickly clear the way for enhanced safety and efficiency.

How loud is the Storm Pro?

The Storm Pro achieves a powerful 130 decibels, equivalent to the noise level of a jackhammer.

Does the Feniex Storm Pro have features like park kill?

Yes, the Storm Pro includes the park kill feature, radio rebroadcast, and horn ring functionalities.

Can I program the tone ports?

Yes, to cycle through tones, activate the desired port and briefly press the tone selector switch to move to the next tone. Once you've selected your desired tone, deactivate the port to set it. Repeat this process for each tone port.


Download Feniex Storm Pro 200w Siren Instructions



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