Feniex Cannon V3 LED Hide-away

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The new Version 3 Feniex Cannon Hide-A-Way LED features 12 exceptionally bright 4-Watt Cree LEDs encased in a clear weatherproof housing. Available in Amber, Blue, Red, and White for single color and Amber/Blue, Amber/Red, Amber/White, Blue/White, Red/White and Red/Blue for dual color. The redesigned Cannon LEDs are compact since the inline driver has been replaced and is now located in the light head housing making the Cannons smaller, faster, and easier to install. Featuring 15 flash patterns for single color, 39 for dual color, the Cannons are great for mounting externally or internally for compartment lighting.


The Version 3 Feniex Cannons WILL NOT sync with Version 2 Feniex Cannons or Feniex Fusion Lights produced before August 2019.

30 Day Returns - 5 Year Warranty

What's in the Box:

  • (1) Feniex Cannon Hide-A-Way V3
  • Rubber gasket and mounting screws

Mounting Options:

Headlight Taillight Cannon V3 Flange

Tech Specs:

  • 12 4-Watt Cree LEDs Per Cannon
  • Single or Dual Color
  • A, B, R, W or AB, AR, AW, BW, RW, RB
  • 15 flash patterns single color
  • 39 flash patterns dual color
  • Easily sync or alternating patterns with multiple Version 3 Feniex Cannons
  • Clip-on lens with 120° or 360° optics
  • Aluminum base with advanced thermal management
  • Free of radio frequency or electromagnetic interference
  • Dimensions: 0.5" H with 1" diameter base
  • Voltage: 9-15 VDC
  • 12 inches of cable
  • SAE J1113 Approved
  • Syncs With:
    • Feniex Cannons (V3 Only)
    • Fusion 1X & 2X Dash Lights (Post August 2019 Production)
    • Fusion Mirror Mount (Post August 2019 Production)
    • Fusion Spoiler Mount (Post August 2019 Production)
    • Fusion 200 (Post August 2019 Production)
    • T3 (Post August 2019 Production)
    • Wide-Lux (Post August 2019 Production)
Cannon V3 Dimensions


What is the difference between V2 & V3 Feniex Cannons?

The main difference is that the Version 3 Feniex Cannon Hide-A-Ways have the inline driver built into the light head, making them more compact and easier to install. The Version 3 Cannons also feature updated firmware and more flash patterns.

Will the Version 3 Feniex Cannons sync with my Version 2 Cannons or my fusion lights?

Version 2 and Version 3 Feniex Cannons WILL NOT sync. Version 3 Cannons will only sync with Fusion lights produced after August 2019.

Are the Version 3 Cannons as bright as the Version 2?

Yes, both versions feature 12 4-Watt LEDs and choice in optics. The Version 3 Cannons feature a smaller design, updated firmware, and the built-in inline driver.



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