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A Classic, Dependable Solution

Beacons are a hallmark of the vehicle lighting industry. Despite sweeping changes and advancements in the field, many of the defining characteristics that made beacons so popular have largely stayed the same. They are reliable, dependable, and engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions. Beacons are available in amber, blue, red, white, and green—all the standard colors used by commercial, industrial, and emergency vehicles.


Our beacons are available with different mounting options. A standard permanent mount is a secure and reliable option for fleet vehicles and commercially-owned trucks. Our magnet mount gives you the flexibility to quickly install or remove your beacon without making modifications to your vehicle. A pole mount protects your electrical wiring, gives your beacons additional height, and allows you to install them in hard-to-reach places where a permanent mount or magnetic base cannot be used.


A Trusted Option for All Vehicle Types

Beacons are incredibly flexible and versatile: you can build a highly-customized vehicle lighting system by syncing up to 6 beacon lights with different color combinations and flash patterns. Our beacons can also be configured with a cigarette lighter plug for a super quick and easy installation, and an integrated power and pattern-changing switch for seamless operation. Contact us with any questions regarding your next LED beacon light. We’d be happy to suggest the right configuration for your unique needs.

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