What Vehicles Are Allowed to Use Green Warning Lights?

Green warning lights are not widely used by first responders, but they’re definitely growing in popularity. They are used in very specific applications, and in many cases, a permit or official authorization may be required to use them. 

Wondering if you can run green warning lights? Check out our guide below to find out!

Tip: if you’re looking to outfit your vehicle with green lights, we always recommend checking your local state laws to make sure you’re able to do so.

Volunteer EMTs and Paramedics

In states like Indiana, volunteer EMTs, paramedics, and certified emergency medical technicians are permitted to use green warning lights. However, in order to display green warning lights on their vehicles, a “person must first secure a written permit from the executive director of the department of homeland security.”

Homeland Security and Private Security

Green warning lights are also used by Homeland Security to patrol government buildings and facilities. In some states, security agencies are also permitted to use green warning lights to patrol private or restricted areas and/or buildings.

Other Uses

Green warning lights can also be used by ambulances, command post vehicles, and even in funeral processions. However, the use of green lights in these industries is subject to state laws and restrictions. As always, make sure you’re aware of the laws in your state before you add green lights to your vehicle.

Although green lights have traditionally been used by emergency medical professionals and private security firms, they’re becoming more widespread across several industries and applications. That’s why at Ultra Bright Lightz, we have a large variety of products that come in green, like dash lights, surface mounts, and LED light bars. If you need help finding the right product for your unique specifications, one of our support specialists would be happy to help!


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