What Vehicles Are Allowed to Use Blue Warning Lights?

Blue warning lights are incredibly versatile and are used in many industries and applications. Sometimes, they’re used to compliment red or amber warning lights; in other cases, they’re used completely on their own. Either way, blue lights are easily recognizable to surrounding drivers and they’re an effective visual warning tool. Check out our guide below to find out which vehicles typically use blue emergency vehicle lights!

Tip: if you’re looking to outfit your vehicle with blue lights, we always recommend checking your local state laws to make sure you’re able to do so.

Volunteer Firefighters

In states like New York, volunteer firefighters with POVs are permitted to use blue warning lights. Usually, to avoid drilling into their vehicles, a blue dash light will be used—it’s super easy to install and operate, and provides just the right amount of lighting for this application.

Police Vehicles

Police vehicles typically use blue warning lights in conjunction with red, and sometimes white, lights. A red and blue LED light bar is an iconic and easily recognizable symbol of a police vehicle. However, depending on your state, the positioning and application of blue lights can differ. For example, some states may require that blue lights only be used for rear-facing purposes.¹


Ambulances use a wide variety of LED warning lights, like clearance lights, scene lights, dome lights, and more. Depending on the state, blue lights will be used in combination with red and/or white lights. Manufacturers of emergency ambulance service vehicles usually have a specific set of configurations that they adhere to during their builds.

Fire Trucks

In states like Iowa, fire trucks are authorized to use blue warning lights. Vehicles that are owned and operated by fire departments in Iowa are also permitted to use blue warning lights. In some cases, the positioning of blue lights on fire trucks may depend on state laws, i.e. rear-facing or positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Blue warning lights are incredibly versatile, and are used across all states for many purposes. If you’d like to add blue lights to your emergency vehicle, be sure to check out the laws in your state to make sure you’re authorized to use them. Still feeling unsure about how to proceed with your vehicle upfit? Reach out to a support specialist at Ultra Bright Lightz for assistance!


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