Types of LED Light Bars for Cars, Trucks & Emergency Vehicles

Powerful, essential, and hugely iconic, LED light bars have become a staple of emergency vehicle lighting setups. Nothing is more recognizable than the image of a red, blue, and white police light bar but today, LED light bars have evolved into a highly-customizable and versatile option for a multitude of applications and vehicle types. Whether you’re looking for an amber LED light bar for your tow truck or construction vehicle, or an SAE-rated light for your fire truck, we have a wide range of options that you’re sure to love!

1. Full-Size LED Light Bars

Fusion GPL Lightbar

The Feniex Fusion GPL Lightbar is one of the most powerful, high-performing options on the market. Slim, aerodynamic, and engineered with patented LED technology, Fusion GPL LED light bars are an excellent choice for police cars, fire trucks, utility vehicles, tow trucks, and more. The GPL Lightbar is available in two different sizes (49” and 60”) and is fully customizable. Each module can be individually configured with single or dual color combinations (amber, blue, red, white, and green) and your choice of light spread optic (40-degrees for a focused light beam or 180-degrees for a dispersed light spread). Add work lights and takedown modules for extra impact, alley lights for an illuminated view of the sides of your vehicle at night, as well as stop/turn/tail functionality for enhanced warning and safety. Complete your light bar build with a controller, such as the Feniex 4200, and you’re set!

Product Tip:

Need a light bar as quickly as possible? Take a look at the Feniex Fusion GPL Preferred Bars. These light bars are pre-built, in-stock and ready to ship! Preferred Bars are a convenient option for those who need single-colored bars (amber, blue, and red) without customization.

Fusion Tow Light Bar

Designed with public works vehicles in mind, the Fusion Tow Lightbar is the latest innovation in emergency vehicle lighting technology. Utilizing the same Feniex Fusion technology that customers have come to love, the Tow Series features LEDs that are just as bright, powerful, and dependable as Feniex’s GPL line. To meet the demands of tow trucks, wreckers, and utility vehicle applications, the Tow Series is only available in an amber color configuration. Fusion Tow Bars are available in 49” or 60” versions, and feature stop/turn/tail functionality, work lights, cruise mode, and Datalink compatibility.

2. Mini LED Light Bars

Fusion Mini Lightbar

If you need 360-degrees of exterior lighting but you can’t fit a full-size light bar, check out the Feniex Fusion Mini Lightbar. It’s perfect for an ATV, public safety vehicle, motorcycle, or any other application where a more compact light is needed. But don’t be fooled by its size—powerful 4-watt LEDs, single and dual color combinations, configurable optics, and a ton of flash patterns makes the Fusion Mini Lightbar impossible to miss. Feel free to use a mini light bar on trucks and larger utility vehicles, as well!

3. LED Interior Visor Bars

UBL U-Lite Visor Bar

If you’re looking for a powerful LED warning light with a smaller footprint, an interior visor bar might be the way to go. Interior visor bars are a fantastic option for undercover police cars, compact pursuit vehicles, volunteer firefighters, POVs, or just about anyone that wants powerful, high-impact lighting without permanently modifying the roof of their vehicle.

The UBL U-Lite Full-Size Visor Bar is a fantastic baseline option for any car, truck, or emergency vehicle. Featuring 48, 2-watt LEDs, tons of flash patterns, alternating color combinations, and universal mounting options, the U-Lite Visor Bar is a no-brainer for first responders who need an affordable light that doesn’t compromise efficiency or brightness. Can’t fit a full-size visor bar? Check out the U-Lite Visor Bar Mini for a more compact option.

Fusion Interior Visor Bars

Love the brightness and light output of Feniex’s exterior light bars? Check out their Fusion Interior Visor Bars. Feniex’s visor bars are a fantastic standalone option, but they can also work in tandem with your existing light setup. Front-facing interior visor bars can be equipped with a cigarette lighter plug for those who don’t want to hardwire their light. As with all of Feniex’s Fusion products, you can easily customize your modules to meet your exact specifications. Fusion Interior Visor Bars are also available in a rear-facing version.

Ready to grab your own LED light bar?

Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, our wide range of products means you get the exact warning light you need for your specific applications. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution; our team of highly trained support specialists will work tirelessly to find the right light configuration for your car, truck, or emergency vehicle. Need help building your own LED light bar? Call or email us today to get started! Ordering for a police or fire fleet? Open a department account with us for fast and easy ordering, net payment terms, and tons of other great benefits!