The Best LED Warning Lights for Snow Plows

LED warning lights are essential for snow plows, spreaders, and ice removal equipment. Harsh weather and poor visibility can make roads extremely dangerous; a bright, powerful, and reliable warning light system is necessary to keep yourself, and surrounding drivers, as safe as possible.

Looking for powerful and affordable LED strobe lights and LED light bars for your snow plow? Check out some of our recommendations below!

Grille Lights

If you need a versatile, compact option, LED grille lights and surface mounts are a great way to go. With a wide range of mounting options, color combinations, sizes, and optics, it’s super easy to find the right configuration for your snow plow or spreader. Not convinced? All of our surface mounts are water-sealed and weather-damage resistant, ensuring that they stand up to the harshest conditions.


Tried-and-true, beacons are a classic and dependable option for drivers who need snow plow warning lights. The Feniex AM600 Beacon is one of the most advanced on the market. Featuring 20 flash patterns (each with slow and fast speed), three mounting options, and the ability to sync up to 6 beacons, the AM600 is a powerful way to add visibility to your plow truck!

Light Bars

For maximum, high-output visibility, try an LED light bar. Feniex GPL 49” and 60” Lightbars feature endless customization and powerful functionality. Engineered with 4-watt LEDs, tons of flash patterns, several mounting options, and a slim, aerodynamic design, Feniex GPL Lightbars are some of the most advanced emergency vehicle lights on the market.

Need an LED light bar ASAP? Feniex GPL Preferred Lightbars are in-stock and ready to ship! If you require more customization and specific configurations, feel free to build your own Feniex GPL Lightbar in single or dual color. We also carry the Feniex Tow Series, as well as the all-new Feniex QUAD Lightbar, which is user-programmable in red, blue, amber, and white.

Work Lights

LED work lights are high-powered, durable, and intensely bright. They’re designed for applications where steady illumination is required; they’re perfect for construction vehicles, utility trucks, and snow plows! With options starting as low as $29.99, our work lights are some of the most affordable and powerful options available!

Dash Lights and Visor Bars

LED dash lights and visor bars are incredibly versatile, powerful, and easy to install. These interior lighting options are a fantastic choice if you’re concerned about weather-related damage. Our dash lights and visor bars can be equipped with a cigarette lighter plug, an on/off pattern-changing switch, and are available in all standard SAE-rated emergency colors!

Ready to grab your own plow warning lights?

With winter right around the corner, now’s the time to pick up the brightest and most affordable warning light system for your snow removal equipment. Hit the road with a setup you can trust! Contact one of our sales specialists today for all of your emergency vehicle lighting needs.