Mini Light Bars

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Small Size, Powerful Results

Full size LED light bars are robust and powerful, but they’re certainly not for everyone. Mini LED light bars combine the strength of a full size light product with the flexibility of a compact, low-profile design. Mini light bars are extremely versatile and can be mounted on emergency and service vehicles, tow trucks, wreckers, snow plows, public safety vehicles, and more. 


Mini LED light bars are incredibly customizable. They can be magnetically mounted to your car or truck for maximum flexibility, or permanently mounted with our easy-to-use brackets. You can also hardwire your mini LED light bar or have it configured with a cigarette lighter plug for quick installation. Some of our mini light bars—like the Feniex Fusion Mini Dual Color Light Bar—have as many as 48 flash patterns to choose from, allowing you to select the best warning or advisory signal for your unique lighting needs.


Our mini emergency light bars are available in amber, blue, red, white and split color combinations (when you purchase the Dual Color Mini Light Bar). This makes the mini light bar suitable for various industries where specific colors are required or mandated by law. Our mini light bars offer superior light output thanks to their high-powered 4-Watt LEDs; you can also customize your mini light bar with 40° long-range optics, 180° wide-angle optics, or both.


LED Mini Bars You Can Trust

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle warning light: vehicle size and type, mounting requirements, lighting applications, power output, and more. For help with your retro-fit or upgrade, contact us by phone or email—we’d be happy to discuss the right lighting options for your vehicle.

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