Are you a roadside maintenance technician or do you aid in roadside assistance? Are your lights bright enough to warn others that you are on duty taking care of important issues? Do your lights aid in providing safety for both yourself and the work you are doing? If you’re answer is no, then you need Ultra Bright LED lights! LED lights are an up-and-coming phenomena that is not only better to use than regular incandescent or fluorescent lighting, but LED lights will also last longer thus lowering the overall cost you’ll spend to light your vehicle.

If you work in roadside assistance or roadside maintenance, you are well aware of how fast cars speed right past you heading down the freeway. Some of the time, you wonder if they even see you parked on the side of the road, especially when it’s dark and there aren’t many street lights around. You have a big truck, yes, and the lights are good enough so that you can see what you need to do; however, you can’t help but think that brighter lights for your truck might be worth looking into. If this is the case, you might want to consider investing in LED light bars for trucks. Not only are LED lights bright, but they last longer, are more energy and cost efficient, and are resistant to natural elements like wind and rain, for example.

If you’re unsure of where to start your search for LED light bars for trucks, head on over to Ultra Bright Lightz. Ultra Bright Lightz is a proud American company that has been around for over ten years. Their mission is to “offer the brightest, most reliable lighting, backed by the industry’s best service” and their vision is to “eliminate first responders’ vehicle related deaths with bright, effective lighting.” Lighting for emergency vehicles can be expensive, and our founder was tired of paying for lights with inflated prices, so he created a company where anyone can find all the bright LED lights they might need at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for mini LED lights bars, bar/stick lights, strobes, or grill lights, Ultra Bright Lightz has it all! If you need LED light bars for trucks, check out the following options:

Full Size Light Bars 
Our full size lights bars are the perfect LED light bars for trucks. We have both 49” and 60” light bars with single color and dual color options and three available mounting options: hook kits, headache, and permanent. These light bars are perfect for attaching to the top of your vehicle and have 360 degree unobstructed lighting for maximum visibility. All of our full size light bars are made in the U.S.A and have a five year manufacturer’s warranty with a 2-3 week manufacturer build time so you can get your lights and get back to working safely and visibly!

Bar/Stick Lights 
Our bar/stick lights come in a variety of options and colors and can be used both inside and outside the vehicle. If you want to outfit your truck with LED lights for plenty of visibility, these bar/stick lights are your best option. For those small, dark places, consider the Feniex Fusion 100 Stick Light bars available in both single color and dual color options; small enough to fit in those tiny side windows but bright enough to greatly increase your visibility. For bigger areas with more space, our Feniex Fusion 600 Stick Light bars are a great choice that provide plenty of bright light and visibility. Situating bright lights on the front and back of your vehicle is great to let those in front of you and behind you know where you are located. It’s important, however, to be aware of the length of your vehicle as well. That’s where our Feniex Fusion Rocker Panel Stick Light bars come into play. These light bars mount to the sides of your vehicle allowing the length of your vehicle to be seen.

Mini Light Bars 
Our mini light bars are smaller in size and able to fit on any vehicle. We have both single color and dual color options available with either magnetic or permanent mounting options. These mini lights bars are great for the vehicle that doesn’t want to cover itself in lights, but still offers enough bright lighting for easy visibility.

If you’re interested in outfitting your truck with LED lights, look no further than Ultra Bright Lightz. We have the best lighting at the best prices! All of our Feniex LED products come with a five-year manufacturers warranty with the Feniex speakers, sirens, flashers, and controllers available with a two-year warranty. We also provide in house warranties for all Ultra Bright Lightz brand products. Even better yet, all LED lights feature a rugged weather resistant enclosure so you can stay bright in the harshest conditions. So head on over to our site, check out our catalog, and start lighting the way with LED!