With big vehicles, it is critical to ensure that it is equipped with the proper lighting to provide safety for both drivers and surrounding vehicles day and night. From large cars, trucks, police cars, tow trucks, plows to fire trucks, accessories like emergency LED light bars can make all the difference when it comes to safer travel. Adding lights to your vehicle also contributes to your car or truck's aesthetic value, making it easy to personalize to your style. At Ultra Bright Lightz, you can find all the LED light accessories and fittings for your large vehicle.

Here are some of the best LED light attachments for large vehicles to add to your car, truck or SUVs utility features and overall look:

Light Bars Light bars are a versatile addition to any car or truck, with options to be incorporated into headache rack mounts, permanent mounts, and gutter mounts. Light bars are offered in a variety of sizes and can be added to a variety of vehicle classes, from smaller and large cars to emergency vehicles as an emergency LED light bar. The Feniex Fusion Exterior Light Bar is one of the leading options when it comes to investing in light bars for your vehicle. The Feniex Fusion is a fully customizable attachment, allowing the users to choose from a variety of colors for the light bulbs, available in single or dual tone between 40° and 180° optics, and features 16 flash patterns for single color and 49 flash patterns for a dual color effect. The experts at Ultra Bright Lightz work with you to find your vehicle specific mount to ensure the best possible fit for optimal performance. The Feniex Fusion light bar provides 360° of unobstructed light that is secured by its durable, weather-resistant enclosure. Custom built, the light bar is available with three different mounting options for your vehicle: Hooks kit, Headache, and Permanent. The Feniex Fusion Exterior Light Bar is American made and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Grill Lights Installing grill lights on your vehicle is one of the best ways to increase visibility and the safety factor of your car. Adding the extra brightness to the front end of your vehicle around the grill and license plate area makes the perfect addition for both aesthetic and safety purposes. The Feniex Fusion Surface Mount Light offers dual color action, available in a variety of colors with over ten combinations. You have the choice between 40° or 180° optics to fit your personalized needs. The Feniex comes equipped to showcase 20 flash patterns in single color, and 40 flash patterns for dual color. The Feniex Fusion grill lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on your vehicle, and come with four different bracket options, including rotating, license plate brackets, single L-brackets, and double L-brackets. The grill lights come equipped with incredibly durable housing to protect your grill lights no matter the conditions. The Feniex Fusion Surface Mount Light is the perfect addition to your vehicle, large or small. The light is SAE J595, CT13, SAE J1119 certified, and comes guaranteed with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. This product is American made.

Visor Light If you're looking for a light accessory for your vehicle that provides you with an interior flood pattern, providing a broad field of view inside your vehicle, look no further than a UBL V6.2 Interior Visor Light Bar! Whether your needs are for safety and utility, or purely aesthetic, the UBL Interior Visor Light Bar fits the need. This LED visor light bar features newer and brighter LEDs, as well as an adjustable mounting channel and improved flashback shield with a rubber gasket. The interior visor light bar features 32 3W LED lights, as well as 8 LED heads to provide the ultimate lighting for your vehicle's interior. The UBL light bar has the capabilities to display 16 light flashing patterns, making it a perfect addition for safety vehicles, especially police cars and emergency service vehicles, as the visor light bar adds an extra level of interior lighting and security. The UBL V6.2 Interior Visor Light Bar comes guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

Whether you're looking for an emergency LED light bar, or better interior lighting for your vehicle, outfitting your car, truck, or emergency vehicle can enhance not only your vehicles safety and utility features, but also its aesthetic value. With lights that offer a variety of colors and flash patterns, it’s possible to find the perfect fit for whatever your need may be. Adding detail lights adds versatility to your car and/or truck while also creating the aesthetic to make your vehicle unique to you. For more information on the lighting mentioned above for your car, truck, or safety visit ultrabrightlightz.com for these products and more!