The lights used on emergency vehicles are vital to their ability to do their job. Whether it is an ambulance or fire truck speeding to the scene of an accident or emergency, or a police car parked at a work area to warn other cars to slow down, the emergency lights are critical. However, there are different purposes to varying emergency dash lights. The intended purpose can change depending on the type of light, as well as the specific color of the light. But, no matter what your needs, Ultra Bright Lightz can help meet them and provide you with high quality, durable emergency dash lights at an affordable price.

There are five main variations of lighting used by emergency vehicles on emergency dash lights. These variations are steady burning, rotating light, strobe lights, LED lighting, and modified stock lighting. Steady burning light is most often used for visibility, particularly at night when emergency workers are assisting in an accident and need to be able to see what they’re doing. A rotating light is often a curved shape light mounted on a 360-degree rotating base in order for maximum rotating. Strobe lights are very often used in emergency situation by police officers, ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles. LED lights have become some of the most popular lights to use for emergency vehicles because of their power efficiency and long lasting qualities. They are also extremely bright, and can even be detected in the daylight as well as from long distances. Modified stock lighting is a very familiar type of emergency vehicle lighting that most people would be able to recognize. This works as a hide-away strobe light that enables the driver (whether it’s for a police car, fire truck, or ambulance) to flash their headlights. Within each of these variations of lighting, the intent and the purpose of these lights is to keep other vehicles on the road safe and also keep pedestrians alert and off the road.

The Different Colors of Emergency Dash Lights

The different colors used symbolize different things on an emergency dash light. Amber or yellow lights typically signify a warning light color to tell other vehicles to slow or stop. White lights aren’t typically used on emergency dash lights during an actual emergency, but white lights are very often used for visibility as floodlights or for accidents at night. Primarily paramedics and firefighters use green lights, but it is also the primary warning light for a homeland security vehicle. Red lights are used on every emergency vehicle as a warning light, and blue lights are mostly used by police officers as well as the red lights.

Emergency Dash Lights At Ultra Bright Lights

Our selection of emergency dash lights includes a variety of dash and deck lights from both UBL and Feniex. One of our best selling sets of emergency dash lights is our UBL Dual dash light in both regular and slim. Our UBL Dual Dash light is both small and lightweight that can be easily mounted with suction cups to your windshield. It doesn’t require batteries; you simply need to plug it into the attached cigarette lighter. Our dual dash light also comes with a shroud that is removable in the case of mounting it to a variety of angled windshields. The Dual Slim dash light is a very similar product. It’s intended for flat windows on a variety of vehicles, and is exceptionally compact. It also can be mounted with suction cups, but it also has the option to be permanently mounted with the use of screws.

An additional pair of popular emergency dash lights is the Feniex Fusion 2X Single Color Dash Light and the Feniex Fusion 2X Dual Color Dash light. They are both extremely similar products, with the exception of the variation of single or dual color. They can be mounted easily to a window or windshield through the use of suction cups, and it allows for a tight mount to a windshield because it comes equipped with a flashback guard to prevent flashback during the night. Similar to the UBL lights, these emergency dash lights don’t require batteries and just need a cigarette plug for installation. The lights come with five different colors (red, blue, amber, white and green) with any combination of the two available for the dual dash light. These emergency dash lights syncs with the Fusion surface mount, fusion mirror mount, fusion spoiler mount, Fusion 200 & 1X, as well as Cannon, T3, and Wide Lux.

Do you have any questions about our emergency dash lights, or any of our products or services? Contact us today and let us provide you with the best police, emergency, and work lights the industry has to offer.