LED light bars are incredibly important for any emergency or first responder vehicle, as well as work and safety vehicles. Whether you need a warning light, flashing work lights, or a floodlight to ensure maximum visibility, Ultra Bright Lightz has something for everyone. And while we are dedicated to keeping our products affordable as well as reliable, sometimes a product can be out of an individual’s budget. Is there something you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t been sure whether you want to make the jump for purchase? Well, keep your eye on our Sales and Specials page to see if there are LED light bars for sale that you’ve been itching to get your hands on. You may find exactly what you’ve been looking for! We currently have a couple of incredible deals, as well as two different bundle kits on sale that will maximize your savings!

LED Light Bars For Sale

One of our most popular LED light bars has gone on sale (and you can save almost $70 dollars!). The UBL 72W Color Flood Work Light allows you to get the best of both worlds with your LED light bar by providing both a white spot light and a flashing color light bar! It also has independently controlled color modules that allow you to set the light to flash with the included external flasher. This UBL LED light bar gives you both an LED scene light as well as an emergency warning light, all in one product. With the simple flick of a switch, you can toggle between flashing mode and flood mode. This light is exactly what any first responder needs, and it still provides you with an LED off-road light.

Another popular LED light bar for sale is our UBL 36W 7.5in Off-road/Scene Light. This incredible deal offers the classic brightness and reliability of this product, while also offering several upgrades. The addition of an end mounting bracket, more versatile lights (choice of spot, flood, or combo beam), and fewer holes to mount to your emergency vehicles, makes this one of our best deals with our LED light bars for sale. The impressive brightness of this off-road and scene light will work in a variety of situations, and will easily mount on vehicles big and small.

Are you looking for something bright and affordable? Our Feniex T3 License Plate Bundle Kit will be exactly what you need in our LED light bars for sale. While these license plate lights may be on the smaller side, their brightness is not diminished whatsoever. These lights can easily mount behind a vehicle’s license plate (whether it’s a standard issue vehicle or a motorcycle), and it doesn’t require any extra holes. These lights are available in blue, red, amber, green, and white to suit your color preferences. Backed by a 5-year warranty, you can feel confident relying on these lights. This bundle kit comes with two T3 modules as well as a license plate bracket.

Save On Feniex Cobra Lights With 4 And 20 Piece Bundles

Is free shipping your favorite two words when it comes to shopping? Well one of our LED light bars for sale just became a little sweeter with the addition of free shipping! Our 4-pack of Feniex Cobra T3 Surface Mount Grill Lights will save you almost 80 dollars and you still won’t have to pay for it to get to you. Although they may look small, these lights are one of the brightest on the market. You can have a selection of red, blue, amber, white, and green in any combination for your 4-pack. And one of the best parts about these lights is that it will look great no matter where you mount it, and with its built in aluminum black surface mount, it can be mounted virtually anywhere on your vehicle!

If you really love the Feniex Cobra T3 Surface Mount Grill Lights, and you think you may need more than four, then our 20-piece case Feniex T3 Surface Mount Grill Light Pack is exactly what you’re looking for. These incredible lights are exactly what every emergency first responder loves, and if you’re purchasing for a team or a unit, this 20-piece case can save you a lot of money in the long run. The Feniex Cobra T3 Surface Mount Grill Lights are all backed by a five-year warranty, so you can be sure that your emergency vehicles will be the brightest around for years to come.

Do you have any questions about our products, our sales and specials currently offered, or our services? Contact us today and let us provide you with the best emergency and work lights the industry has to offer.