Check Out the Newest Products Coming to Ultra Bright Lightz!

Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, we’re constantly expanding our product range to include emergency warning lights that are efficient, innovative, and, most importantly, super affordable. LED lighting technology is always evolving, so we want to make sure that our first responders have access to the best options at a competitive price. That’s why we’re excited to release three new products this year: the ilumex Max, ilumex 4X Dash Light, and ilumex Visor Bar. Learn more about these products down below!

The ilumex Max Surface Mount

Our ilumex surface mounts are getting bigger! Built with the same durable, weather-resistant materials customers have come to love from our ilumex line, the ilumex Max is the perfect option for first responders who need a longer light with more LEDs. ilumex Max Surface Mounts will feature single and dual color options, three modes, 40 flash patterns, and so much more!

The ilumex 4X Dash Light

We’re big fans of dash lights here at Ultra Bright Lightz. They’re a fantastic plug-n-play option for first responders who want mega brightness without the hassle of a hardwired install. Now, with the launch of our ilumex 4X Dash Light, customers will be able to get the same ease of use with a larger footprint. Like the name suggests, the ilumex 4X Dash Light will come equipped with four super bright modules.

The ilumex Visor Bar

The new ilumex Visor Bar will be equipped with a bunch of awesome features. It’s completely customizable and will include a built-in cigarette lighter plug and controller with traffic-advisor activation. Our ilumex Visor Bar will also feature a pivoting inner module, which will give first responders off-axis visibility when driving through intersections.

All of these products will be available this year. In fact, some of them may be available by the time this article is published! So stay tuned for release dates, and as always, feel free to reach out to our sales support team at any time for assistance.