Whether you have an older vehicle whose warning lights you’re looking to replace or a newer vehicle whose lights you want to supplement, considering an upgrade to LED warning lights is a wise choice. LED lights have a number of advantages over traditional bulb emergency lights that many people may not know. This article will give you a number of reasons to consider LED warning lights as a fantastic upgrade to your vehicle.

1. Improved Safety

The primary reason for having emergency lights on a vehicle in the first place is to improve road safety for both yourself and other motorists on the road. Emergency lights need to indicate to other drivers that you are moving quickly or trying to get through, but they cannot complete this purpose if they aren’t bright enough to be seen in daylight, foggy conditions, or in the presence of other light sources. LED bulbs designed for visibility can produce incredibly bright, clear light that easily outshines traditional bulb types, making your emergency signals significantly more visible in all conditions. LED bulbs are the most modern, affordable bulb types and have been becoming more popular for a reason; their visibility when properly applied is unmatched.

When upgrading a safety feature of your vehicle, you should be sure to choose technology that is up-to-date. LED lights are the current standard for many applications because they can produce the brightest light for the least energy usage.

2. Energy Efficient

To expand on the previously mentioned energy usage, one of the greatest benefits of LED lighting is its efficiency. LED lights are able to produce fantastic results with comparatively little energy usage as a result of their design. Instead of using electricity to heat a filament like in traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights produce light by a process called electroluminescence, which is much more direct in its energy use. This energy efficiency contributes to reducing the load placed on your car’s battery and alternator in the long run. Additionally, if you have other custom improvements to your vehicle, choosing LED warning lights as an upgrade for traditional emergency lights can free up more total electricity to be used for other improvements without having to spend as much on a vital function such as emergency lights.

3. Clear Color

In addition to making LEDs very energy efficient, the method by which LEDs create light also results in a very clear, “pure” color of light. LEDs do not have to rely on colored plastic or encasements to produce a clean red light. As a result, LED lights appear less faded and are easier to see in comparison to other light sources which may produce more muddled color.

Additionally, the benefit of clean-looking color goes beyond the safety benefits. Clean, solid red light simply looks more attractive on a vehicle and can be a nice finishing touch to a polished, customized vehicle’s appearance. When building a custom style for your vehicle modifications, detail is everything, so don’t overlook the importance of emergency lights in your considerations.

4. Durability and Bulb Life

LED lights are constructed in such a way that there are very few internal parts. Additionally, because they do not use filaments like incandescent bulbs, there is less that can “burn out” as a result of prolonged use. Additionally, LED lights function incredibly well in cold temperatures, requiring no warm up time and having significant resistance to cracking or wear from the cold. While LEDs are technically more sensitive to heat, there are few places a vehicle would need to go in which the heat would interfere with LEDs functional temperature ranges. The minimalistic design of LED bulbs also contributes to them being very resistant to damage from jostling or even minor impact. With no moving or loose parts on the interior of the bulb, LEDs resist damage that would otherwise shatter or disable traditional bulbs.

LED lights are also designed to last longer than traditional bulb types. Since they don’t burn out as easily as incandescent bulbs, they can have bulb lives degrees of magnitude longer than traditional bulbs. These factors make them incredibly cost effective.

5. Environmental Friendliness

LED bulbs are non-toxic and highly recyclable. Their combined electrical efficiency and their long bulb lives mean that they have to be replaced significantly less frequently. As a result of all of these types of increased efficiency, LED bulbs have a much lesser negative impact on the environment. The unusable waste produced by LED bulbs is remarkably low, and most recycling centers are capable of easily recycling LED bulbs. This makes LED bulbs an ideal technology to integrate when looking forward to a green-energy, environmentally friendly future. As an added bonus, the non-toxic nature of the bulbs means they are much safer to replace.

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