If you’re entering into a vehicle heavy industry, such as towing, repair, or emergency services, it's a wise choice to research the many applications of truck dash lights setups. Truck dash lights are employed by all kinds of professionals working with and around vehicles, and can be both a safe and attractive addition to your own truck. This guide will explore some of the helpful ways truck dash lights setups can be used, followed by some brief tips on how to begin the purchasing process.

1. Warning Other Motorists of an Oncoming Vehicle

This is probably the most common use of truck dash lights on trucks. Emergency vehicles of all types employ truck dash lights in order to indicate to other motorists that their vehicle needs the right-of-way and may be moving in an erratic or rapid manner. In this way, truck dash lights are essential to safety, especially at night. Truck dash lights, especially high visibility models, allow for drivers to see an emergency vehicle at a great distance, and plan their movement accordingly. With other motorists aware, accidents can be avoided and emergency vehicles can reach their destination in a timely manner. Truck dash lights employed for this purpose often feature multiple light colors and flash patterns in order to communicate different signals to nearby motorists and pedestrians.

2. Indicating a Construction Area or Slow Speed Zone

It’s very common to see construction vehicles outfitted with truck dash lights. This is because, while stationary in low-light conditions, even large trucks used for construction can be difficult to see or can act as an unintentional road hazard. Truck dash lights employed for this purpose are usually single color lights chosen for their brightness and level of visibility as opposed to the multiple light options which are usually favored for emergency vehicles. On many construction sites, you will see yellow lights employed to indicate a need for caution and controlled speed.

3. Helping to Locate a Vehicle

During night work, locating a specific vehicle can be difficult, so truck dash lights are often employed simply to make a vehicle easier to locate. An example of this use is the application of truck dash lights by towing companies to help simultaneously warn passing drivers that they are preparing for a tow, while also making it significantly easier for a customer to see the approaching truck and recognize it. This use usually does not demand any particular dash lights model above other models, since the most important factor is the visibility of the vehicle. Many tow truck lights are simpler models with single color lights and limited flash pattern capability.

If one (or more) of these uses fits your needs, it’s time to begin the buying process. The process of choosing truck dash lights for your truck is simpler than it seems at first glance, but there are still a number of factors that are important to consider.

First off, you need to pick a reputable dealer by carefully researching each shop you discover online. Take the time to check reviews and Better Business Bureau profiles before you buy; both of these can help give you an idea of how well a site handles its customers and payments. After reading up on a site, check the site itself and see if they are backed by major financial payment processors. If not, move on to a different site that is more trustworthy and reliable with your private payment information.

Once you have selected a shop, you’ll need to determine which of the previous categories your needs must fall into in order to make a decision on the features you need in your dash lights. If you are working in emergency services, for example, a higher-end dash lights outfit is ideal, as such models will be durable, programmable, and generally capable of multiple colored light options. If you are only looking for a light to use for basic visibility, however, and do not require the need to communicate an emergency situation, you can likely stick with a cheaper model that will save your company money while still getting you the light you need.

For all uses, it is ideal to choose LED truck dash lights as opposed to halogen, fluorescent, or incandescent bulb-based truck dash lights. LED lights are the most popular modern lighting source for a reason! In addition to having a significantly longer bulb life, they are friendly to the environment and do not contain potentially poisonous chemicals like fluorescent bulbs do. LED truck dash lights are cheap to repair and aren’t nearly as susceptible to environmental-based failure (such as shattering from the cold) than their larger-bulb counterparts. These features make them ideal for all applications of truck dash lights setups.

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