Wire Extension for Fusion Stick/Visor - 1 Foot

UBL ElectronicsSKU: ACC-WBFCA-01

Sale price$1.00


This is an seven conductor wire bundle for the Feniex Fusion interior light bars and stick lights. The wiring harness on these products will have an eight wire harness. You can ground out the light near the location you mount it and extend the remaining seven power and trigger wires.

  • The colors in the bundle are: Red, Black, White, Orange, Blue, Brown, Green (Use orange in placement of yellow and black in place of gray on the Feniex wiring harness)
  • 18 AWG wires
  • Gray outer jacketing color
  • Temperature Rating: -4°F to +140°F
  • UV resistant

Please note: when you purchase multiple quantities of this wire, they will be sent to you in one continuous length.

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