Hella HERO Hideaway Flex Series Reverse Light

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HERO's lightheads stand out from the ordinary, functioning not only as a concealed lighthead but also as an original indicator light. With adapters precisely positioning the lighthead in the place of the original bulb, uniform light dispersion and improved visibility are guaranteed. HERO's features extend even further - it is capable of flashing in four colors - Red/Blue/Amber/White - thus being suitable for various types of vehicles, from police and security cars to ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, roadside assistance, and construction. HERO has been designed to fit Stop, Tail, Turn, and Reverse light applications, available in three different indicator colors - White, Amber, and Red - each being ideal for particular chambers; for instance, White for Reverse light, Amber for Turn signals, and Red for Red Stop, Tail, Turn, and Park lenses.

Chevrolet Year Position Hero Adapter
Tahoe 2021-2022 Brake Light White/Red A6
Suburban 2021-2022 Brake Light White/Red A6
Silverado 1500/2500/3500 2017-2019 Brake Light/Turn Indicator White A2
2019-2022 Brake Light (Both Chambers) White/Red A6
Silverado 1500 2019-2020 Brake Light White/Red A6
2020-2023 Brake Light White/Red A6
Silverado 2500HS/3500HD 2022-2023 Brake Light White/Red A6
Colorado 2015-2020 Brake Light (Both Chambers) White/Red A6
Police Interceptor Utility 2020-2023 Reverse Light White A2
Explorer 2015-2019 Reverse Light White A3
2020-2023 Reverse Light White A2
F150SSV/XL/ST-X 4x4 2021 Reverse, Brake Light White/Red A13
F-150 XL 2022-2023 Brake Light White/Red A13
2022-2023 Reverse Light White A13
F-150 2016-2018 Brake Light (3 Chamber) White/Red A5
2016-2018 Reverse Light (3 Chamber) White A2
2016-2018 Reverse Light(2 Chamber) White A1
2016-2018 Brake Light (2 Chamber) White A4
2019-2020 Reverse Light White A2
2019-2020 Brake Light White/Red A5
F-250 2017-2020 Reverse Light White A6
2017-2020 Brake Light (Both Chambers) White/Red A3
F-250/350 2019-2021 Reverse Light White A6
2019-2021 Brake Light White/Red A3
F-250/350/450 2022 Reverse Light White A6
Escape 2019-2022 Reverse Light White A2
Ranger XL 2020 Brake Light White A6
2020 Reverse Light White A2
Expedition 2018-2021 Brake Light (S/T/T) White/Red A5

2018-2021 Reverse Light White A7
Expedition XL/XLT/XLT Max 2022 Reverse Light White A4
Maverick 2022-2023 Reverse Light White A3

Tech Specs:

  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Light Source: 18 LEDs
  • Flash Pattern: Steady Burn
  • Approval: SAE J595 Class 2
  • Warning Colors: Red, Blue, Amber and White
  • OE Indicator Colors: White, Amber and Red
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting: Flush Mount
  • Connection: 8ft Cable with Open Wires


Hell Hero InstructionsHero Hideaway Cut Sheet

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