UBL 18in Large Gasket

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Enhance your night driving safety with the 18-inch UBL Large Gasket, an essential accessory for your Visor Bar or Dash Light. This high-quality gasket effectively shields your eyes from dangerous flashback when your LED warning lights are activated, ensuring improved visibility and safety on the road.

Designed for universal compatibility, the UBL Large Gasket fits almost every brand of lights on the market. Its versatility means you can easily adapt it to your specific needs. The gasket can be effortlessly trimmed with tin snips, allowing you to customize it to perfectly fit your light or windshield.

Installing the UBL Large Gasket is simple and quick, providing a hassle-free solution to reduce glare and enhance your driving comfort. By minimizing eye strain and maintaining clear visibility, this gasket ensures you stay focused and safe during nighttime driving.

Upgrade your vehicle with the 18-inch UBL Large Gasket for superior protection and performance. Whether you're a professional driver or use LED warning lights for added safety, this gasket is a must-have addition to your car. Enjoy a safer, more comfortable night driving experience with this easy-to-install, customizable solution.

What's Included:

(1) 18" Large Rubber Gasket

Tech Specs:

  • 18.5 inches long
  • Measurements: .65” X 2”
  • Can be easily cut to size with tin snips
  • Perfect for reducing flashback
  • Extruded rubber can be trimmed to fit your window’s curve
  • Universal fit for most brands of lights

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