UBL 18" P Gasket

UBL ElectronicsSKU: UBL-AC-PG

Sale price$4.99


The UBL 18" P Gasket is the perfect solution for preventing flashback from your LED visor bar, dash light, or any light that causes distracting reflections. Featuring included 3M Double-Sided tape, you can effortlessly attach the UBL P Gasket to the housing of your light. This gasket forms a tight seal between the light housing and your vehicle's window, effectively eliminating dangerous flashback when driving at night.

Measuring 18.5 inches in length, the UBL P Gasket can easily be cut to fit any size light, providing a customized and secure fit for various lighting applications.

Enhance your night driving experience with the UBL 18" P Gasket, designed to provide a secure, customized fit for your LED lights and ensure a clear, distraction-free view.

Tech Specs:

  • Measurements: .5” X .8” X 18.5" long
  • Can be easily cut to size with a sharp knife or scissors
  • Eliminates flashback for LED visor bars and dash lights
  • P shape forms a tight seal between the light housing and window
  • Enhances night driving safety by preventing dangerous flashback
  • Universal fit for most brands of lights
  • Mount with 3M double stick tape that is attached 

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