Z-Flash OBD Plugin Flasher Switch Module for Ford

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Transform your driving experience with the advanced capabilities of the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher designed for Ford vehicles. Whether you prefer the simplicity of switch activation or the versatility of integrating with a controller for multiple modes, the Z-Flash offers seamless operation and enhanced functionality.

Installation is effortless as the Z-Flash plugs directly into the OBD-II port of compatible Ford models. Once connected, it enables dynamic flashing of essential lights including high beams, fog lights, front and rear turn signals, and reverse lights. This comprehensive enhancement ensures optimal visibility and safety during various driving conditions.

Rest assured, the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher is engineered with vehicle protection in mind. It can be easily removed without leaving any lasting impact, preserving the integrity of your Ford. Whether you opt for plug-and-play simplicity or prefer a customized setup using the included wiring kit, the Z-Flash adapts to your needs seamlessly.

Enhance your Ford vehicle with the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher, providing a reliable solution for improved visibility and control, tailored to enhance your driving experience.

For information about programming and installation visit TheZFlash.com

What's Included:

  • (1) Z-Flash Module
  • (1) Hardwire
  • (1) Switch

30 Day Returns - 1 Year Warranty - Made in the USAAdd your vehicle to our waiting list


Z-Flash Switch and Hardwire Activation Chart


Vehicle Year
Ford F-150 2011 - 2020
Ford F-250 2011 - 2019
Ford F-350 2011 - 2019
Ford F-450 2016 - 2019
Ford F-550 2016 - 2019
Ford Fusion 2015 - 2018
Ford Expedition 2016 - 2019
Ford Explorer 2014 - 2019
Ford Taurus 2015 - 2018
Ford Edge 2015 - 2018
Ford Mustang 2015 - 2018
Ford Ecosport 2018
Lincoln Navigator 2016-2019

Tech Specs:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Six Customizable Flash Patterns while in Park
    • One Pattern For Drive
  • Includes switch, mounting strip, and hardwire cable
  • Custom software to activate, deactivate, and create custom flash patterns
  • When activated, the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher for Ford vehicles can flash:
    • High beam headlights
    • Fog lights when activated
    • Front turn signals
    • Reverse lights
    • Rear turn signals


How does it work?

The module utilizes diagnostic signals to instruct the vehicle to activate specific lights without altering computer code or affecting vehicle performance. It operates using standard diagnostic codes, identical to those used by dealers for vehicle diagnostics.

Will this burn my computer?

The module operates without emitting voltage, ensuring it does not damage the vehicle's computer system. Its operation is similar to plugging a USB stick into your PC, providing a secure and straightforward integration process.

Will my brake lights still work?

When active, your vehicle's brake and turn signals take precedence over any flashing pattern set by the module. This essential safety feature cannot be disabled, ensuring clear and effective signaling at all times.

Does this put my vehicle in reverse?

Rest assured, the module does not affect your vehicle's gears. However, in some vehicles, activating the reverse lights may inadvertently trigger the backup camera screen due to their wiring configuration. Currently, this feature cannot be disabled.

Will this burn up my bulbs?

Similar to other headlight and taillight flashers, using this device may cause bulbs to burn out faster than normal. Aftermarket HIDs, in particular, are prone to quick burnout due to their ballasts not being designed for flashing.

Why are my Halogen bulbs not flashing or very dim?

Halogen bulbs require a charge-up and cool-down period, unlike LEDs, which can be flashed more rapidly. To achieve a slower flash rate, consider utilizing a custom pattern tailored to your needs.

Is the Z-Flash Plug and Play Flasher for Ford Vehicles traceable?

After removal, the flasher module leaves no evidence of its previous installation, ensuring a seamless appearance.


**Software not compatible with Mac Computers

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