What Is An Amp?

An amp is a unit of measurement, but what does that really mean for you? Understanding amps can help you to better understand the systems at work in the technology around you.


Let’s explore everything you need to know about the amp!

All Things Amp: A Brief Overview

These are some of the most important facts you will need to know to understand amps.

What is an Ampere?

An ampere, commonly referred to by the shortened name amp is a highly popularized unit of measurement that is used when discussing electricity. This particular unit of measurement is used to measure electrical current within a system.


To fully understand an amp, you must also understand what an electrical current is. Most people are aware that electricity flows. However, you may not be aware that the flow of electricity can vary. This is where an electrical current comes in.


An electrical current is the actual flow of electricity. On a deeper level, the flow of electricity is actually the flow of electrons or ions as they make their way through a dedicated space or system. An amp can measure this current as it flows through the system.

Where Does the Term “Amp” Come From?

The ampere is not just any word. In fact, it is actually taken from someone’s name–Andre-Marie Ampere. This term was first coined by the International Electrical Congress all the way back in 1881. It was chosen to recognize Ampere, who was a famed mathematician and physicist. Ampere’s work played a key role in the field at the time and into today, allowing us to improve our understanding of electricity and how it works.

Why Are Amps Important?

There are many reasons why an amp is important, but the most realistic answer is simply that the amp can be used to measure electricity, and our ability to measure electricity is essential for the modern world as we know it. Amps can tell us whether or not a system is stable, whether or not a system is dangerous, and even how effective a system might be.


In today’s world, amps can influence how our technology works and even allow us to better understand how to improve these areas. By understanding amps, we can also work to be more energy efficient.

How Do Amps Influence Lighting?

Lighting involves lighting circuits, and amps are very important to lighting circuits. Understanding how many amps it takes to use or overload a lighting circuit can influence how lights act themselves and what kind of strain they put on a broader system. These considerations are critical in most systems whether you’re looking at an LED light or browsing emergency vehicle lights.


You can best understand amps and lighting through the equation for amps, which is watts divided by voltage. These two numbers are often available with most lighting sets, allowing you to calculate the value for yourself if you want to.

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