At Ultra Bright Lightz, our selection of work lights and off road lights are available in spot, flood, or combo beams. But what's the difference? Spot beams are meant to provide light to a specific area. When using a light with a spot beam, it will have a refined light spread which is intended for long range visibility. Spot lights are often used to aid or replace head lights, for brush trucks, for off roading, and other situations where lighting in the distance would be necessary. Flood lights provide a much larger spread of light but at a smaller distance. Many people use flood lights to illuminate large areas such as construction sites. When a light has the option for a combo beam, this light would be the best of both worlds. Combo beams provide both spot and flood beams into one light for wide spread and long distance illumination. Our larger work lights, such as the UBL 122 watt, come only in the combo beam option. The smaller work lights, such as the UBL 36 watt, come in spot, flood, or combo.