Sometimes your emergency vehicle needs to provide maximum light and visibility and other times you only require a small bit of emergency light. That's why we offer light bars in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One of our more popular varieties is the LED mini light bars, which is also known as the half light bar or the mini bar. This versatile emergency lighting system can be used for everything from volunteer firemen to postal carriers. It can also be a good choice for all types of construction and service vehicles like tow trucks. These compact lights are easy to install and come in a wide variety to ensure that you can find the perfect mini light bar for your needs. 

Advantages of Mini Light Bars

There are a number of advantages to choosing the mini light bar over the larger counterparts. First, installation may be a much easier process since this lighting system has some options in this area. You can opt for exterior that possess an ultra simple magnetic mount or combine the magnetic system with suction cups for even better security. There are also some them that come with the traditional bolt on mounts to ensure that your lighting system won't be going anywhere. Interior light bars have the additional advantage of being completely portable if you prefer, while a permanent mount is also available on interior fixtures. This allows maximum flexibility in choosing the right one no matter what your purpose may be.

Types of Mini Light Bars

Mini light bars also come in a variety of styles. Strobes are the traditional type of lighting used in Them, with numerous colors to choose from and maximum flashing potential for best visibility. You can even choose a design that provides programmable flashing patterns so you can tailor your light to your unique situation. Strobe lighting is generally less expensive and will give you plenty of versatility and visibility for the money. We have some wonderful selections in strobe that are available.

Another type of this light that has become quite popular recently is the signal indicator . These lights use the latest in lighting technology; light emitting diodes that have the ability to transform electricity into light in the most efficient way. signal indicator are used in a broad range of lighting systems today, including police lights. The advantages to signal indicator are many. First, the lights last much longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs do. The lights are also more durable, since there is no delicate filament within that can easily become broken. Finally, the signal indicator technology has the wonderful ability to direct light, making it the perfect choice in emergency lighting like this. We have a large selection of signal indicator that will provide an excellent investment for your money in terms of emergency lighting that is guaranteed to last.

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