When you drive an emergency vehicle, the proper lighting is a key factor to fast and safe commutes. However, not all emergency lighting is created equal and not all styles are right for everyone. Sometimes you need maximum visibility, which usually means exterior mounted bar lights and rotating domes. Other times call for lighting that is more discreet or temporary in nature. That's where emergency dash lights might come into play. Dash emergency lights mount on the dashboard of your car to provide necessary lighting when you need it and remain hidden away when you don't. We have plenty of great selections in dash emergency lights that allow you get the exact lighting to meet your unique needs. 

Advantages of Interior Lighting

There are some definite real advantages to dash emergency lights and other forms of interior lighting. First, this style of emergency light is much more discreet since it is not mounted to the exterior of your car. This is highly desirable in some situations, when you do not want to advertise your emergency volunteer status to world wherever you go. The other advantage is that interior lighting can be temporary; you can install it when you need it and easily take it down when you don't. This can be a nice feature if your volunteer status is part time and you don't want to deal with emergency lighting on your car when you are off duty.

Types of Dash Emergency Lights

Dash emergency lights come in a broad range of variety colors and styles. The strobe lights can come in either a single dome or a linear design, and provide an assortment of colors. Some of these lights also include a siren for maximum visibility when you need it. These simple but effective lights can be a good choice when you need lighting for specific situations since they are not generally too expensive depend on the market value and they can be easy to install. We've got plenty of choices in these simple designs to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Another option is the bar light that can easily install on your dash for maximum interior visibility. There are many different types of bar lights that you can choose from. Traditional bar lighting generally involves rotating, fixed or strobe lights that come in a range of colors. Many offer programmable flash patterns that you can tailor to your unique preferences. Some will include a second tier of lights that will offer even more visibility when you need it.

You can also find LED light bars that will give you the most light for your money. While these light bars can be a bit costlier at the beginning, the ruggedness and durability of these designs more than make up for that extra cash. No filament inside means that these lights are less likely to break and durability can outlast the life of your car in many cases. There is a good reason why LED police lights are gaining popularity today.

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