Now available from, PowerArc Dash Lights!  See the difference of moving and pulsing LEDs!  These dash lights are personal warning lights derived from the innovative oscillating LED technology found in the PowerArc warning bars. 


Superior warning light coverage is achieved using the innovative angular mounting of twelve LEDs combined with patented oscillating technology.


These dash lights use the innovative oscillating and pulsing LED technology found on the MP13 warning bar. These are dual row, with one row moving and one row pulsing.  It combines moving LEDs with the power of pulsing LEDs into one unit.


This pulsing LED dash light is waterproof for exterior or interior mounting. By incorporating 14 LEDs, 6 facing forward, and 4 mounted on 45 degree angles on either side, over 90 degrees of incredible protection is generated.  Flashback is not a concern with the revolutionary DL Flex-Shield (TM).  Combining aesthetics and functionality, the Flex-Shield(TM) can be trimmed by the user to fit the slope of almost any windshield.  With the shield in place, the metal mirrors capture the side signal and reflect it back to the other side providing strong intersection protection while the trimmed shield blocks the undesired flashback.

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