Feniex Industries long awaited Apollo Mini Roof Light Bar has finally been seen in a pre-production model.  eLightBars.org got their hands on one and did a great evaluation and video.  The bar will contain 8 Apollo light heads in total.  Their legendary heads are dual color.  They change from one color to another without splitting in half like traditional modules.  Just like the Apollo Visor Bars, these will also be available in dual colors, with the option of arrow or flood modes.  The heads are placed off-axis on the corners to give great visibility.  The bar is sure to exceed 360° coverage.  Watch the video below to see it in action.  Make sure to watch (or skip) to the very end to see a demo of the flood mode.

*Keep in mind, this is all preliminary.  Anything can change!


To read the full review head to eLightBars.org