Ring Out the Year with Our Blowout Sale!

The holidays are all about giving, so from December 5- December 18, we’re giving you 20% off of all UBL products! While each one deserves a special place on your wish-list, here are a few to keep your eyes on.

Deals Under $30

G3 Surface Mount

If you’re looking for compact and powerful light, the SAE Class 1 Rated G3 Surface Mount may be for you. Available in amber, blue, red, white, or green, these lights are an excellent choice for firefighters, police, EMS, or any other first responders. This 9-Watt light has eleven flash patterns to choose from and can be easily mounted to your grille or license plate to add a discrete lighting option. 

Get them for $23.99 now!

U-Lite Surface Mount

Another great surface mount option is the U-Lite Surface Mount. Like the G3, this light is easy to mount and is a great option for a variety of emergency personnel. It comes in amber, blue, red, and white, and is incredibly durable. Unlike the G3, the U-Lite Surface Mount has six 3-Watt LEDs and 18 flash patterns. If you don’t need a lot of complexity but want to be safe and seen at a great price, look no further!

Get it for $27.99!

Deals Under $50

U-Lite Hide-Away

The U-Lite Hide-Away is a truly discrete light that packs a punch when you’re ready to use it. This is one of the brightest and most durable hide-away lights on the market and has 12 3-Watt LEDs, 40 flash patterns, and three individually programmable modes. Choose from either single or double color configurations and mount it nearly anywhere on your vehicle. 

Get it now for $43.99!

Deals Under $150

Tailgate Bar

The new and improved Tailgate Bar comes in 49-inch and 60-inch options. A few of its spectacular features include: 48 3-Watt LEDs (49 inch) or 60 3-Watt LEDs (60 inch), 120 flash patterns with directional functions, three color modes, and three mounting options. Choose dual color configurations of amber, blue, red, and white to get the best fit for your vehicle.

Get the 49-inch for $143.99 and the 60-inch for 175.99! 

U-Lite Mini Light Bar

The new U-Lite Mini Light Bar Version 2 provides full 360° of coverage. Wire it into your vehicle or plug it into your cigarette lighter for a non-permanent option. The U-Lite Mini Light bar features 36 3-Watt LEDs across 6 modules, 16 flash patterns, a magnetic base, and an on/off and pattern switcher. With single and dual color configurations of white, amber, blue, and red, this light is a brilliant choice for any emergency response vehicle!

Get it now for $143.99!

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