As a volunteer firefighter (or if you work EMS or EMT professional), you may have to work on a part-time or on-call basis. This means that you most likely have to respond to emergency situations in your own vehicle, rather than responding in an emergency vehicle. While your car is the more convenient option because your personal vehicle will be closer in a time of crisis, that convenience may backfire if you can’t get to the scene quickly due to not having proper signal equipment and lights. In order to make your personal vehicle the most efficient (while still sticking to the law) you need to equip it with the proper volunteer firefighter lights.

However, since you are a volunteer firefighter you will need to get equipment for your vehicle that is both effective and high quality, while also being affordable. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we can provide anything you need for your volunteer vehicle, including both strobe and grille lights, both of which are important and primarily used for volunteer emergency lights. All of our lights use the highest quality LED with the latest optics, and they will keep you safe as well as ensure that other drivers will see you.

Grill Lights and Dash Lights

Since personal vehicles are most often used by volunteer firefighters, it can be difficult to have a place on your vehicle that allows for easy mounting of emergency lights. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we have a selection of grill lights that can be easily installed to your front grill without adding any protruding objects to your vehicle. We have lights in varying shapes and sizes to fit the size of your vehicle, and can fit neatly in even the smallest vehicle placement. With our LED lights, they are also extremely bright.

Our dash lights are also very popular options for lights for volunteer firefighters. Our selection includes light combos for police, firefighters, security workers, and more. We provide choices of both TIR optics and widespread optics in order to service your vehicle. Our dash lights can be easily mounted through suction-cups and are often powered through the cigarette adapter.

Need to Move Traffic Still? Our Sirens Are the Way to Go.

If you still find that you need to outfit your vehicle with something a little more attention getting, our selection of sirens may be exactly what you need for your volunteer firefighter vehicle. Whether you need a siren and speakers combo, or you prefer a remote-controlled handheld siren, our sirens could be the difference between getting to the scene just in time.

Ultra Bright Lightz is a proud, American company that is ready to service all your emergency vehicle lighting needs. We offer one of the largest inventories of lighting, with the industry’s best service. Our products have been servicing first responders to make their jobs easier for over a decade. If you have any questions about our products and services, contact us today!