At Ultra Bright Lightz, we have been providing emergency vehicle lights to service men and women for over a decade. Whether you need car lights for a police cruiser or amber emergency lights for tow trucks and construction vehicles, we have everything you need. Our lights have a standard of innovative features that will give you quality beyond any other warning or emergency vehicle lights. We provide products with bright and clear LEDs and optics, which means our emergency lights will keep you the safest by helping you be seen by other drivers better than anyone else.

How Are Emergency Vehicle Lights Used?

Although many of us regularly see emergency vehicle lights flashing as an ambulance, police cruiser, or fire truck speed by on their way to an emergency, not all of us know how different emergency vehicles use these lights. One common usage of emergency lights are steady-burning warning lights; these are the simplest form of emergency lights and are primarily used to provide responders with adequate light. Emergency vehicles often use rotating lights as well as strobe lights to emit a warning signal. Rotating lights work when a rotating beam of light that appears to be flashing when viewed by others, while strobe lights work similar to lights used for flash in photography. Light bars are also an extremely popular emergency vehicle light option, and are often used with LED lights (which are known for being extremely energy efficient as well as long-lasting).

Strobes, Sirens, and Speakers

We have a great selection of LED hide-a-ways and strobes for your emergency vehicle. They are small, but they are also extremely bright. We also have a large selection of sirens with many different tones to choose from for your personal preference to accompany your emergency vehicle lights. Do you want something that fulfills the necessities but also has a fun side? The Feniex Pro Storm 100W and 200W have all the regular tones, but have extra fun tones with both the Bad Boys song and Ecto 1. Our handheld siren is also a great choice that is both affordable and reliable. With seven tones and a convenient handheld remote control, it is a compact (but still loud) choice for any vehicle. And to accompany your new high quality siren, you need speakers that will provide a quality sound! We have multiple (very loud) speakers to fit your price and quality needs. They can all be mounted in a variety of locations and can be used in tandem with most sirens. These speaker/siren pairs combined with your emergency vehicle lights from Ultra Bright Lightz will be sure to get traffic moving in an emergency!

We are a proud, American company that is willing and able to service any and all emergency vehicle lighting needs. We offer one of the largest inventories of lighting, with the industry’s best service; we want our offering of products to service first responders by making their jobs easier. If you have any questions about our products and services, contact us today!