For first responders, responding during the winter can be significantly slowed down from having an icy windshield. You jump in your car ready to go, but you either need to a) scrape your windshield, b) wait for it to defrost, or c) unsafely drive with poor visibility.

Recently, a meteorologist came up with a quick and easy solution that can be made from 2 ingredients found in your home. All you need is water, rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle. Measure 2/3's of your total solution with rubbing alcohol and the remaining 1/3 with water. Simply mix them together, put them in the spray bottle, and apply to your icy windshield. This mixture will melt the ice right off of your windshield in seconds. You can even keep it in your car for quick access since the solution won't freeze unless its -128°F! This is an excellent way to keep the cold weather from slowing you down.