Bright Lights and Big Deals

Congratulations on your most recent truck purchase! You’ve worked long and hard to save the money you’ve earned for that fantastic vehicle. Your chariot awaits! Think of all the amazing off-road excursions you’ll have with your new truck. It’ll be packed with grit, dirt, and tons of fun waiting to be had. It’s best, however, to be sure that you’ve also got some of the best lights available for your truck as soon as the sun goes down. Want to be able to see whatever you want while you drive into the night? Want to add a little bit of style to that, as well? Ultra Bright Lightz has designed high quality truck LED light bars for the next big upgrade that you know you’ll want for your beloved truck. We don’t just provide lights that can give you clear as day vision during your nightly travels, we’ll give you a super bright LED light bar for your truck with a bit of flair that keeps your truck looking as cool as can be.

Our wide selection of truck LED light bars has received a massive discount on our online shop. Take a look, because there’s so much diversity in our stock that you won’t even know where to start. There are tons of possibilities to upgrade your truck for your nighttime off-roading sessions. Give that rugged exterior of your truck a fresh upgrade. You’ll hit those roads looking slick and gritty at the same time.

When you look at the descriptions of some of our favorite truck LED light bars on our shop, you’ll see the great attention to detail that we’ve put in to some of the features of these great products. Our road lights have been crafted right here in the United States with some of the best materials that can be found in the country. First and foremost, who doesn’t love adding a little bit of color to their vehicle? We provide our lights in a number of different colors that include, but are not exclusive to

• Red Lights
• Blue Lights
• White Lights
• Gray Lights

Our variety of color options will give your truck another great piece of detailed work to add to your handy vehicle. You’ll enjoy these lights whether you’re taking a stroll around town, or heading off the streets for an off-road adventure. For a great price, you’ll be hard pressed to say “no” to any of these.

We want you to love them just as much as we do, which is why we’ll personally custom build our lights just for you and your truck. Our products such as the Fenix Fusion GPL Exterior Light are custom made within 2-3 weeks of order. You won’t get such high quality creation or care for your orders anywhere else.

Our company is a firm believer in making sure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase any of our products. That includes our truck LED light bars. As soon as you land on the page with the item you’re considering purchasing, you’ll notice that we have a “Video” category on our item page for you to see just how exactly the light is made, and other aspects that will help you make the best decision possible when buying our products. You’ll walk away from our shop not just with a better truck light, but also a better general understanding of how these lights work and are designed. On top of being a company that supplies you with the right parts, we supply you with the right knowledge.

We highly recommend you also take a look at our mini single color light bar from Feniex. Much like the 49-inch model that was just mentioned, this light also comes in a variety of different color options for you to place on your truck. It can, however, be programmed for dual color, giving you that many more options. Get ready to have some fun mixing and matching all the different color options available. In addition to the awesome variety of colors, we’ve decided to make our lights using 60 pound magnets as the base to secure your road LED light bar on your car as tightly as possible. We’ve made sure that our company made these lights with the strongest magnets available so you can have lights that look sweet and are durable. After all, a tough truck needs a tough set of lights. These lights are also custom made and delivered in a short period of time. Because of their smaller size, we guarantee that these lights are 100% made no later than within 2 weeks of ordering.

Reach out to us with any questions! We can be contacted over the phone at 1-888-562-5125 and we’re always happy to help! Come take a look and order today.