5 Things to Know About the New ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts

Dual color surface mounts are a fantastic option for first responders that require a flexible lighting setup. Some first responders find it easier to install dual color lights to minimize the amount of products they’re installing on their vehicles. Others work in multiple industries with different color requirements (for example, police officers or firefighters may also plow or tow vehicles in their spare time; these industries must abide by different color requirements depending on the states they live in). That’s why we’re excited about the launch of our new ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts. We’re sure these warning lights will be a great choice for a wide variety of applications. Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the new launch.

Patented Optics

We’re proud to announce that ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts are engineered with patented 40° TIR optics! Just like our ilumex Single Color Surface Mounts, our dual color lights offer incredible brightness and powerful functionality. They’re perfect for first responders who require long-range visibility for their emergency vehicle lighting setups.

Mega Bright LEDs

Our ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts are designed with eight, 3-watt LEDs for a mega bright output of light. So don’t let the compact size fool ya! These LED warning lights offer stellar performance, advanced features, and versatile capabilities at an affordable price!

Built for the Toughest Conditions

Need a setup that is resistant to harsh environmental conditions? Rest assured that our ilumex Dual Color lights can stand up to the job. They’re water-sealed, resistant to weather damage, and built with a durable aluminum housing. Still unsure about whether you should grab a few? No worries! Our ilumex warning lights also come with a five year warranty!

Tons of Flash Patterns and Mounting Options 

ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts feature a whopping 40 flash patterns and three programmable modes. This makes it super easy to find the right configuration for your unique needs. They can also be purchased with any of our brackets, including: a standard L-bracket, double L-bracket, hood mount, license plate bracket, and more!

Syncs with Other ilumex Lights

If you’re looking to install a clean, streamlined lighting display, syncing your lights might be the way to go. Our new dual color lights can be synced with multiple surface mounts. For directions on how to do this, check out our instruction guide here.

Our ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts are the latest addition to our ilumex line of emergency vehicle lighting products. We’ll also be launching more ilumex products soon! So stay tuned for more information. And as always, if you have any product questions, feel free to reach out to our sales support team at any time for assistance!