5 Things to Know About Feniex Quantum

Feniex is a major name in emergency lighting innovation. Their Quantum product series features the world’s first customizable emergency warning lights. If you are searching for patented, durable, versatile lighting options for your vehicle, look no further! 

What else should you know about Feniex Quantum? We have five bright, bold, and brilliant facts for you to consider:

  • Dual, tri and quad colors are built into the lightbar.

When taken out of the box, the Feniex Quantum light bar shines a single color. “Single,” in this case, means one colored LED per module is in use at a time. This can be changed by the user via the Quantum Unlock Software. Each module can shine all four (red, blue, amber, white) colors at once if the user upgrades the software to a multi-color option.

  • Program single, dual, tri, and quad modes remotely.

A single module is programmable in any color scheme that uses the four build-in colors. The most common dual color configuration, for example, uses red as the standard driver, blue as the passenger, and white added to emergency flash patterns. While it is the most popular, you can change the programming and pattern using the Quantum App within the first 60 days. Each function, like Stop, Turn, Tail, Alley, and Takedown, is programmable to one specific color pattern that can also be changed via the app.

  • Amber, blue, white, and red colors are selectable per model.

The Feniex Quantum light bar has red, white, blue, and amber capabilities. With other lighting options, you might have to select one or more colors at the time of purchase with no option to change those colors after instillation. 

  • You have a full 60 days to lock in your color option.

If your Quantum lights are singles, duals, or tris, you have 60 whole days to test and change out your programmed colors and pattern configuration to find the settings that work best for you.

  • It’s an incredibly extensive series!

The Feniex Quantum product series includes 6 light bars, 5 light sticks, and 20+ vehicle specific inner bars. You can find a rocker panel, pillar mount, spoiler mount and even a first-of-its-kind arrow board among the impressive catalog this series offers. Whatever your emergency lighting need, Feniex Quantum is a versatile, reliable, and unique option to try.


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