3 Places To Mount Surface Mounts/Grille Lights


Of all the lighting options available for emergency vehicles, surface mounts are among the most popular. They’re bright, compact, affordable, versatile, and can be installed almost anywhere, both in and outside of your vehicle. Unlike most other lights, these can fit on your rearview mirror, back deck, trunk, along running boards, on cages, and even on fenders!


While all of those are excellent placement options, there are three main ones that are worth taking a deeper look at:


  • Grille: For a clean, subtle look, the grille is a great option. Depending on the type of grille your emergency vehicle has, these surface mounts may be installed either behind, on, or in it. When navigating this decision, consider what method will keep your lights the most secure and visible when you turn them on.

  • Bumper: Another common place to mount these lights is the front bumper of your vehicle. There is no glare, the light is incredibly visible, and the wiring is easily concealed within the bumper. Certain aftermarket bumpers even come with existing cutouts for lights. While this placement is more invasive, it is a secure option that will act as a strong support for your existing setup.

  • License Plate: If you’re looking for a placement that is subtle but powerful when you want the light seen, look no further than the license plate. Mounted vertically or horizontally, this surface mount is a perfect addition to the front and/or back of your rig. We offer LED license plate kits that mount using the pre-drilled bracket holes on your bumper, so installation is clean and easy! 

  • Surface mounts come in variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and flash patterns. While it’s great to have so many options, we recognize it can also be difficult to decide where to start. If you are in the early stages of outfitting your vehicle or are looking to elevate your setup, try six to ten surface mounts and a dash light for balanced visibility. 

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